PRESBYTERIAN Church (NSW) Property Trust (PCNSW) has approved what will be the biggest single project ever embarked on by Presbyterian Aged Care in NSW.

We are finally set to proceed on the much anticipated redevelopment of the old Scottish Hospital site in Sydney’s Paddington, at the end of October this year, the Trustees had approved the proceeding to the next stage, following the approval from the NSW Government’s Planning Assessment Commission on May 2012.

While still subject to final approvals required for building contract, construction certificate documentation, bank finance and Aged Care Pricing Commissioner approval of refundable accommodation deposit levels, works on the $180 million world class development will commence in mid-2015. In partnership with Brookfield Multiplex Corporation, we’ll deliver a class integrated seniors housing, community and residential care, which will be named The Terraces.

The development will include:

  • Replacement of the existing 88 bed residential aged care facility with a new 100 bed facility including a 20 bed dementia unit;
  • Construction of 70 new seniors independent living units in four new buildings;
  • Adaptive conversion of the Scottish Hospital heritage building to contain nine (9) seniors apartments with the retention and restoration of heritage features such as the terraced gardens;
  • Creation of space for future community care programs as well as a range of amenities for residents and visitors; and
  • Dedication of land to Woollahra Council to expand the public park on the northern boundary of the site known as Dillon St Reserve.

It had taken more than two years to reach this point, mainly because of the changes announced by the Federal Government in April 2012 to the arrangements for residential aged care funding. Only in recent months have sufficient details been clear for the negotiations with banks and builders to proceed.

It is important to note that since the plans have been approved on the basis that the existing aged care building remains open while the new facility is constructed, no-one currently living at the site will be asked to look for permanent accommodation elsewhere, and all existing residents and staff guaranteed transfer to the new aged care building.

The Presbyterian Church has been supporting the independence and care of older people across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory for more than 70 years.

Originally published by PAC NSW.