March-April 2016 Newsletter 30-Apr-2016

Community 22-Apr-2016

The project team is striving to create a positive lasting legacy and a significant contribution will be made; To the elderly community of Paddington by the provision of much needed modern aged care beds including concessional beds. To the br.. continue reading

Construction progress and project staging 22-Apr-2016

Construction progress Construction activity over the coming weeks comprises works including services diversions, approved tree removal, scaffolding, site investigations, remediation, piling, excavation and crane foundation. The subs.. continue reading

Road closures and disruptions 22-Apr-2016

Safe access to the existing Residential Aged Care Facility for pedestrians and vehicles throughout the project is of key importance to the project team and we have carefully considered how we will minimise disruption to current users during the p.. continue reading

Upcoming milestones 22-Apr-2016

April 2016 - Commence bulk excavation May 2016 - Tower crane installation May 2016 - Commence detailed excavation.. continue reading

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