June 2018 Construction Update 10-Sep-2018

Sydney aerial showing The Terraces location

Welcome to the 15th edition of the ‘The Terraces’ project newsletter. With the Stage 1 building now in operation, Stage1a nearing completion and the final phase of works in full swing, we will publish this newsletter on a regular basis to keep you updated on what is happening on site and provide any other important information you may need to know as construction progresses.

Latest Events & Key Dates 03-Jul-2018

March 2018 – Stage 2 ILU Sales Launch Individual VIP appointments and apartment selections are ongoing. 20 June 2018 – Removal of scaffolding along Cooper St Works were completed safely and a temporary power outage was overseen by Ausgri.. continue reading

Recent Milestones 03-Jul-2018

Structural slabs have been poured up to Level 4 of the MacCormick building. Stage 2 Basement fit-out works have commenced, including insulation, blockwork and services. Two apartments in the eastern wing of the Scottish building are now f.. continue reading

Upcoming Site Activity 03-Jul-2018

Stage 2 concrete structure will continue to progress upwards to roof level. Concrete supply trucks will be arriving on site regularly on pour days. Finishing trades will continue in the Gatekeepers and Scottish Apartments. Structural an.. continue reading

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